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The Oligoscan biotechnology is a revolutionary method to measure in real-time, the bioavailability of trace elements and heavy metal intoxication.

Method: Spectrophotometry

The method used by the Oligoscan to obtain results of the concentration of trace elements in the examined tissues is known as spectrophotometry. This is a quantitative analytical method which consists of measuring the absorption, or optical density of a chemical.

The basic principle is that each chemical compound absorption emits or reflects light (electromagnetic radiation) over a range of wavelength. The more concentrated the sample, the more it absorbs light within the limits of proportionality set out in the Beer-Lambert law.



Spectrophotometers are used in many domains : chemistry, pharmaceuticals, environmental studies, food, biology, medical/clinical, industries and others. In medical applications, spectrophotometers are used to examine the blood or the tissues for a clinical diagnosis.

The Oligoscan allows for a quick and precise analysis of the trace elements, minerals and heavy metals present in the tissues.

The measurement takes place directly in our office with a portable spectrophotometer. The results will be obtained within a few seconds of the assessment.


Revolutionary technique

This assessment is a revolutionary technique to reveal in real-time your mineral balance for a supplementation that is adapted to each individual. In the event of a mineral imbalance or a heavy metal intoxication, we can refer you to a naturopath that can prescribe suitable chelators and supplements.

The OligoScan is an innovative prevention tool for follow-up over an extended time: the analysis can be repeated at regular intervals to monitor the effectiveness of a detox.

Interesting Facts for Everyone

The impact of heavy metals on the human and animal organism are demonstrated by numerous studies published by research institutes such as WHO, the FAO and other similar organizations. The over exposure of these toxic agents is quickly becoming a genuine public hazard. Transported by air pollution, soil and water (groundwater and seawater), heavy metals eventually pollute the body either directly or indirectly by contact with the food chain. Some of the substances can equally be found in products that come into contact with the individual.

Health monitoring institutions consider that there is virtually no place in the world that is not affected by this issue. The elimination of these heavy metal toxin in the human body using suitable chelators is becoming a major challenge for our health.

Meanwhile, studies inform of a different plan. They point to the sometimes dramatic depletion of nutrients in food, usually accompanied by an increase in food additives that can cause health problems in a different way.

Individualized supplementation promotes the proper functioning of the body and within the context of decreasing the density of foods, becomes a major advantage to stay healthy.

This new technology in short can help you to obtain an overall superb global health: please do not hesitate to inquire about additional information on this fantastic analytical method.


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